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Please fill out the short form below and press Send to send it to the SDSS Help Desk. Someone will contact you shortly with an answer to your question. We request that you observe the following guidelines when communicating with the SDSS Help Desk:
  • Please remember to copy the help desk email account on all email related to this problem, so that we have a record of how the problem was resolved.
  • Please do not contact the help desk respondents directly by email, because help desk support is handled by a pool of SDSS scientists with expertise in different areas and as time permits, and the best response time to your problem will usually be obtained if you direct your question to the help desk account rather than individual SDSS scientists.
  • If your problem is related to the student and teacher materials under the SkyServer Projects pages, please check the "Student Projects" box below. This will copy your email to the person(s) that handle that branch of the SkyServer content.
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