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Moving Objects

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View the moving objects (open Image List in new window)

  1. To view the actual moving object candidates, use the Image List (link opens in new window) tool. From the astronomers' main page, look under Advanced Tools. From the public main page, look under SkyServer Tools, then Visual Tools.

  2. Click on the small blue Use query to fill form link in the top left of the tool. Paste the following query into the main textbox:

    SELECT top 100 objID as name, ra, dec
    FROM PhotoObj
    WHERE (power(rowv,2) + power(colv, 2)) > 50
       and rowv >= 0 and colv >=0

    This query returns only the object ID and position of each object, as required by the Image List tool. Notice that this query looks the same as the previous query, except for the SELECT clause.

  3. Click Submit, then Send to List.

  4. You will see thumbnail images for each object that the query matched. Click on the image to go to the Navigate tool (link opens in a new window) to see where the object is in the sky. Click on the name, above the image, to go to the Explore tool (new window) to see complete SDSS data for that object.

Note that when you have run these queries, you have always included "top 100" in the SELECT block. This limits the query to returning only the first 100 results. If you ran the query without the top 100, the query would probably exceed the 10 minute time limit for queries to the SkyServer SQL Search tool. However, you can run queries that last up to 8 hours by using CasJobs. See the CasJobs help page for more information.

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