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Teaching and Labs

Astronomy has always been a challenging subject to teach hands-on, because of the logistical difficulties that students encounter in collecting data. Data from the SDSS can provide a source of lab activities and student research projects for all levels of astronomy education. These guides will show you, step-by-step, how to accomplish tasks that are important parts of the astronomy curriculum.

We encourage instructors to create their own projects with SDSS data. We maintain a page with SDSS-based activities created by instructors. Happy teaching!

How do I...

  1. Create a Hubble Diagram to show the expanding universe?

SkyServer Projects

In addition to the guides shown here, SkyServer features a series of Projects designed as hands-on, inquiry-based experiences in science. The projects are designed as labs and supplemental experiences in K-12 and college science courses, and they make excellent labs for Astronomy 101 courses.

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