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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, or SDSS, is an international collaboration of scientists gathering data from two telescopes in North and South America to build the most detailed Three-Dimensional Imagery of the Universe ever made. The SDSS has produced deep multi-color images of one third of the sky, and created spectra of more than three million astronomical objects.

SciServer is an NSF-supported project to build a big data platform that brings the computing to the data for extremely large datasets. Using SkyServer with your free SciServer account unlocks additional features.

SciServer hosts the following web-based apps that allow you to query and analyze your data in the cloud.

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Voyages is the educational website for the SDSS. Voyages serves up projects, activities, resources, and research experiences for students of all ages that build on data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

SkyServer's Visual Tools make it easy to visualize and explore detailed astronomical data in regions of the sky covered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Although you don't need to be logged in to SciServer to use SkyServer, logging in gives you greater ability to integrate with other SciServer web apps.
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Navigate, Explore, and Quick Look let you save your results to an online Workbook. Just click Save in Workbook to save your results, and Show Workbook to view your results.

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While you are logged into SciServer search forms allow you to save your data to MyDB, your own personal database. From there, your data is available in any SciServer app.

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Your MyDB tables can be viewed and downloaded from CasJobs

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Compute's Jupyter Notebooks enable cloud-based analysis next to your data in the cloud, no downloading required. Use Python, R, and MATLAB to analyze your data in the cloud.

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Cross-ID is a simple tool that enables you to perform dynamic cross identifications of SDSS objects against a user defined list.

  • Navigate - Look through the sky and view data for stars and galaxies
  • Quick Look - Get basic data about a single star or galaxy
  • Explore - Get complete data about a single star or galaxy
  • Finding Chart - Create an image of the sky as seen through our telescope
  • Image List - View thumbnail images for many stars and galaxies at once
  • History - Review the results from SkyServer tools you have used in the past.
  • Schema Browser - Browse database tables, columns, views, and stored procedures in the SDSS and other databases.
  • Scrolling Sky -Watch the sky scroll past the SDSS camera during an observation.
  • Get Fields - Get SDSS images from the run, camcol, field, and image size.
  • Get Spectra - Get SDSS images of spectra by plate and fiber number.
  • Get Plates - Get images of spectra by Plate ID.
  • CrossMatch ID - For running a dynamic cross identifications of SDSS objects.
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CasJobs is an online workbench for large scientific catalogs that allows you to perform synchronous and asynchronous free-form queries in your browser.