APIs and Tools for Programmer's Reference

This page gives quick access to the webservices and links of the tools, which can be called programatically.

First section covers the description of Webservices REST-api and small usage examples.

Second section provides quick links to the tools, showing examples how to construct their URLs.

REST web services

Table 1: List of REST web services

WebservicesShort Description
Image Cutout Returns color images at given location. There are two resources /getJpeg and /getJpegCodec
VO Services Services to search databases using IVOA standards and protocols. /conesearch, /SIAP, /SDSSFields
Search Returns specific database results. There are three services available /radial, /rectangular and /sql
Advanced Search Equivalent to search tools, there are three services /imagingquery, /spectroquery, /irspectraquery
Cross-id Upload your own objects for cross-identification

Web services described above can used either as an authenticated user or anonymous users. If user wants to use her own authentication tokens following header parameters needs to be set. There are common for all the services listed below.

Header NamesValues
X-Auth-TokenKeystone token. If omitted, the query will be executed anonymously.


Table 2: List of tools

ToolsShort Description
Get Frame Access frame pictures
Get Scrolling Sky Image Animated images of the sky passing the telescope
Spectra Services Access spectra graphs and data, and use Web Service access to details of spectra
Finding Chart Call Finding Chart at a particular location
Navigate Pull up navigator with particular location
Image List Display thumbnails for uploaded object list
Explore Interactive exploration of object properties

Note that these web services and tools are the called when the corresponding SkyServer web applications are executed by the user. You can see the parameters that where used in these cases by reviewing the User History page (if you are already logged-in with SciServer).