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Summary data for:  SDSS J151806.13+424445.0

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Object ID  (objID): Right ascension  (ra): Declination  (dec):
1237662301903192106 229.525575753922 42.7458537608544

Image Data, or What does it look like?

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Object Type (type): GALAXY


Ultraviolet (u): 16.27 ± 0.01
Green (g): 15.30 ± 0.00
Red (r): 14.76 ± 0.00
Infrared - 7600 Å (i): 14.32 ± 0.00
Infrared - 9100 Å (z): 14.02 ± 0.00
Caution: Magnitudes and other data for this object may be unreliable. See the flags in the Explore tool summary page for more information.

Spectrum Data, or What does its spectrum look like?

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Spectral classification (Class): GALAXY

Redshift Data:
Redshift (z): 0.04027193
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