Definition of the different regions

We have various boundaries in the survey, represented by equations of 3D planes, intersecting the unit sphere, describing great and small circles, respectively. This table stores the description of a region, the details are in the HalfSpace table.
  • CHUNK - the boundary of a given Chunk
  • STRIPE - the boundary of the whole stripe
  • STAVE - the unique boundary of the whole stripe, agrees with STRIPE for Southern stripes
  • PRIMARY - the primary region of a given CHUNK
  • SEGMENT - the idealized boundary of a segment
  • CAMCOL - the real boundary of a segment
  • PLATE - the boundary of a plate
  • TILE - the boundary of a circular tile
  • TIGEOM - the boundary of a Tiling Run, also includes inverse regions, which must be excluded
  • RUN - the union of the CAMCOLs making up a Run

Index TypeKey or Field List
primary keyregionid