spBuildSpecPhotoAll Collect the combined spectro and photo parameters of an object in SpecObjAll
spDocEnum Display the properly rendered values from DataConstants
spDocKeySearch Search Columns table for @key
spExecuteSQL Procedure to safely execute an SQL select statement
spGetFiberList Return a list of fibers on a given plate.
spGetNeighbors Get the neighbors to a list of @ra,@dec pairs in #upload
spGetNeighborsAll Get the neighbors to a list of @ra,@dec pairs in #upload
spGetNeighborsPrim Get the primary neighbors to a list of @ra,@dec pairs in #upload
spHtmSimplifyRegionID Simplifies the named region, eliminating null convexes and redundant constraints.
spLoadPhotoTag Populate the PhotoTag table
spNearestObjEq Returns table containing the nearest primary object within @r arcmins of an Equatorial point (@ra,@dec)
spSkyServerColumns Return the list of Columns in a given table
spSkyServerConstraints Return the list of Constraints in a given table.
spSkyServerDatabases Return the list of Databases on the Server.
spSkyServerFormattedQuery Return the results of a formatted query.
spSkyServerFreeFormQuery Return the results of a free form query.
spSkyServerFunctionParams Return the parameters of a given function
spSkyServerFunctions Return a list of functions in the database
spSkyServerIndices Return a list of Indexes on a table
spSkyServerTables Return a list of user tables.