Algorithm Contains a paragraph of text for each algorithm
Best2Sector Match best PhotoObjs to sectors.
Chunk Contains basic data for a Chunk
DataConstants The table is storing various enumerated constants for flags, etc
DBColumns Every column of every table has a description in this table
DBObjects Every SkyServer database object has a one line description in this table
DBViewCols The columns of each view are stored for the auto-documentation
ELRedShift Contains data for the Emission Line Redshifts
Field Contains all the measured parameters of a photometric field
FieldProfileThe mean PSF profile for the field as determined from bright stars.
First SDSS objects that match to FIRST objects have their match parameters stored here
Frame Contains JPEG images of fields at various zoom factors, and their astrometry.
Glossary Contains a paragraph of text for each keyword in the Glossary
HalfSpace The contraints for boundaries of the the different regions
History Tracks the history of changes to the database
HoleObj Information for holes on a Plate
LoadHistory Tracks the loading history of the database
Mask Contains a record describing the each mask object
MaskedObject Contains the objects inside a specific mask
Match PhotoObj pairs from different runs (times) that probably are the same object.
MatchHead Canonical object from each match cluster, and cluster statistics
Neighbors All PhotoObj pairs within 0.5 arcmins
ObjMask Contains a record describing each ObjMask/Atlas object
PhotoObjAll Contains a record describing the attributes of each photometric object
PhotoProfile The light profiles of SDSS photo objects
PhotoTag Contains a popular fields of PhotoObj table
PhotozThe photometrically estimated redshifts for objects in the Galaxy view
NOTE: The Photoz table is currently empty. It has not been loaded for
this release yet.
PlateX Contains data from a given plate used for spectroscopic observations.
ProfileDefs This table contains the radii for the Profiles table
QsoCatalogAll A concordance of all the objects from Spectro, Best, or Target that 'smell' like a QSO (not yet built for DR2/3)
QsoConcordance A concordance of all the objects from Spectro, Best, or Target that 'smell' like a QSO (not yet built for DR2/3)
RC3 The main PhotoObj table for the RC3 catalog
Region Definition of the different regions
RegionConvexString Contains convex HTM definition strings for regions.
Rmatrix Contains various rotation matrices between spherical coordinate systems
Rosat SDSS objects that match to ROSAT objects have their match parameters stored here.
RunQA The RunQA table provides information relevant to the average data quality for the objects in each field.
RunShift The table contains values of the various manual nu shifts for runs
SDSSConstants This table contains most relevant survey constants and their physical units
Sector Stores the information about set of unique tile overlaps.
Sector2Tile Match tiles to sectors, and vice versa.
Segment Contains the basic parameters associated with a Segment
SiteConstants Table holding site specific constants
SpecLineAll Contains information about a single spectral Line
SpecLineIndex Precomputed spectral line indices.
SpecObjAll Contains the measured parameters for a spectrum.
SpecPhotoAll The combined spectro and photo parameters of an object in SpecObjAll
Stetson The main PhotoObj table for the Stetson dataset.
StripeDefs This table contains the definitions of the survey layout as planned
TableDesc Contains a paragraph of description for each table in the DB
Target Keeps track of objects chosen by target selection and need to be tiled.
TargetInfo Unique information for an object every time it is targetted
TargetParam Contains the parameters used for a version of the target selection code
TileAll Contains information about an individual tile on the sky.
TileContains For each Tile, there is a list of the wedges and sectors contained by that Tile.
TiledTargetAll Keep track of why a Target was assigned to a Tile
TilingGeometry Geometric information about TilingRegions
TilingInfo Contain info on what happened to a TargetObj in a run of tiling software.
TilingNote Contains human readable notes for a run of tiling.
TilingRun Contains basic information for a run of tiling
USNO SDSS objects that match to USNO objects have their match parameters stored here.
XCRedshift Table of Cross-Correlation Redshifts
Zone Table to organize objects into declination zones