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Spec1DThe second half of the spectroscopic pipeline, also known as Spectro 1D, which classifies the spectra and performs various scientific analyses on them, including obtaining the redshifts. The operational goals of the 1D SPECTRO pipeline are:
To fit the continuum of the spectrum.
To determine an emission-line redshift and classify all detected emission lines. A flag will also be set to identify any expected emission lines (on the basis of the spectral classification) which were not seen.
To classify the spectrum by cross-correlating with a set of template spectra ranging from stars to quasars. A principal component analysis similar to that of Connolly et al. (1995) has also been implemented for further galaxy spectral classification .
To cross-correlate the spectrum with the a set of templates and obtain redshifts .
To fit a set of emission/absorption lines as a Gaussian .
To measure the velocity dispersion of galaxies .
To measure various absorption line indices, as outlined in the EDR AJ paper.