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Spec2DThe first half of the spectroscopic pipeline (also sometimes referred to as idlspec2d), which reduces the raw 2D spectral frames to 1D calibrated spectra. The operational goals of the 2D SPECTRO pipeline are:
To interpolate over bad pixels
To mask all bad pixels and pixels contaminated by strong sky emission.
To bias and dark subtract the raw 2D data frames
To trim the frame
To flat-field using calibration frames taken at the same telescope pointing position before and after an exposure on the sky.
To optimally extract 1D spectra from this 2D frame.
To apply wavelength calibration, rebin to a common wavelength solution, and sky subtract.
To coadd the three or more individual exposures for each object.
To put the red and blue halves of the spectrum together.
To flux calibrate the spectrum to obtain spectrophotometry good to roughly 15%, using the measured photometry of spectrophotometric standards on each plate.