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SDSS Query Analyzer (sdssQA) Version 2.2

Author: Nolan Li & Tanu Malik, JHU
Date: March 2004

sdssQA is a GUI SQL query tool to help compose SQL queries. It was inspired by the SQL Server Query Analyzer, but runs as a Java application on UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows clients and is freely available from this web site. It connects via ODBC/JDBC (for local use) and via HTTP or SOAP for use over the Internet.

Linux/Unix: Execute java -jar sdssQA.jar

Windows and Mac-OS (v10+): Double-click the sdssQA icon to execute.

Two directories are created in the user's home directory:

  1. QA_queries - default location to save your .sql queries.
  2. QA_data - default location to save query output.
For basic SQL help, go to the Intro to SQL page.

For sdssQA help, see the sdssQA help page.

The sdssQA also contains sample scientific queries which have useful comments included; these can be found under File->Open Example Query

The sdssQA comes bundled with URLs for the available server sites that you can connect to. These are listed below for convenience so you can check the URL you have. Cut and paste the URL from here if necessary. To set up the URL for a particular site, use the Options->Config menu selection (see sdssQA help page for more information).

Server Site URL
DR4 http://cas.sdss.org/dr4/en/get/SkyQA.asp?
DR3 http://skyserver.sdss.org/dr3/en/get/SkyQA.asp?
Alternate DR3 site http://cas.sdss.org/dr3/en/get/SkyQA.asp?
DR2 http://skyserver.sdss.org/dr2/en/get/SkyQA.asp?
Alternate DR2 site http://cas.sdss.org/dr2/en/get/SkyQA.asp?
DR1 http://skyserver.sdss.org/dr1/en/get/SkyQA.asp?

Download sdssQA:

Download sdssQA v2.2.25 (Oct 2004, sdssQA.jar [500 kB])
Download the Sun JRE v1.4