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In our SkyServer Projects, you will learn science by studying the 140 million stars and galaxies of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) - the same objects that professional astronomers study. Most of these objects have never been seen before by human eyes.



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Work through these projects at your own pace. Each consists of several questions and exercises. If you get stuck, try reading our About Astronomy or About SDSS pages. Each project ends with a research challenge, which lets you do real astronomy research, just like thousands of professional astronomers around the world. When you finish the research challenge for each project, E-mail it to us. We'll look over all the results we get, and we'll put the best up on these pages!

Click on one of the following project categories to get started:

Basic projects

For middle and high school students, and for people who want a basic understanding of astronomy

Advanced projects

Appropriate for advanced high school and college students, and for people who want a detailed understanding of astronomy


Advanced projects, designed to challenge the best and brightest!

For Kids

Projects designed for kids

Games and Contests

Games for fun, and contests with prizes


A few of the best astronomy education sites on the Internet

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