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Basic Projects

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Scavenger Hunt

Look through the SkyServer database to go on a scavenger hunt through the sky!

The Universe

How big is the universe? Bigger than you could imagine - and getting bigger every day! Experience the expanding universe for yourself.


Learn about asteroids, the wandering space rocks in our own Solar System, then look through SkyServer to find them. SkyServer has more than 100,000 asteroids for you to find!

Types of Stars

With powerful telescopes, astronomers can see many millions of stars. How can you make sense of so many stars?

In this project, you'll figure out a way to organize stars into just a few categories, and you'll learn what these categories mean.


Look up at the sky - what do you see?

If you're near a city, you may see a few bright white stars. But you're not really seeing the full story of the sky - stars have colors!

In this project, you'll see stars in beautiful shades of red, blue, and yellow, and you'll why stars have colors.


Galaxies are huge - hundreds of millions of times bigger than our solar system. But even the nearest ones are so far away they look like tiny, fuzzy spots in the sky.

How do astronomers study things that are so big and so far away? In this project, you'll learn by looking at galaxies yourself.