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Known Problems on SkyServer website and the CAS:
  • October 2006: We found a bug in the computation of the Match Tables that caused information about missing objects to be, well, missing(!), so the "miss" column was always empty in the Match table. This bug has been fixed, but you should rerun any queries that you may have run involving the Match tables in DR5. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The l,b column descriptions in the PhotoAuxAll table Schema Browser entry are switched: l should be longitude and b should be latitude, instead of vice-versa.
    Note: This is a documentation error only. The l,b values in the database are in fact longitude and latitude respectively. The documentation error will be fixed in the next update to DR5.
  • The Schema Browser and Table Descriptions refer to the USNO-B table still but that table has been renamed to ProperMotions in DR5. Please also see the About DR5 page.
Known Problems in SDSS data: Please see the Known Problems page on