TABLE  SDSSConstants

This table contains most relevant survey constants and their physical units

Data values

arcSecPerPixel0.39598arcsec/pixLinear size of the photographic pixels.
arcSecPerPixelErr0.0003arcsecVariation in size of the photographic pixels.
bPrime_g maggiesasinh softening parameter in g band.
bPrime_i maggiesasinh softening parameter in i band.
bPrime_r maggiesasinh softening parameter in r band.
bPrime_u maggiesasinh softening parameter in u band.
bPrime_z maggiesasinh softening parameter in z band.
brickLength2degLength of imaging bricks
ccdColSep0.418333degCCD column separation
chipPixelX2048pixX dimension of CCD chips
chipPixelY2048pixY dimension of CCD chips
effectiveLambda_g4760AngstromCenter wavelength of the g' filter
effectiveLambda_i7690AngstromCenter wavelength of the i' filter
effectiveLambda_r6280AngstromCenter wavelength of the r' filter
effectiveLambda_u3540AngstromCenter wavelength of the u' filter
effectiveLambda_z9250AngstromCenter wavelength of the z' filter
etaMax55degSurvey latitude maximum
etaMin-57.5degSurvey latitude minimum
fieldOfView3degTelescope field of view
lambdaMax65degSurvey longitude maximum
lambdaMin-65degSurvey longitude minimum
limitingMagnitudes_g23.3magnitudesLimiting magnitude in the g' filter
limitingMagnitudes_i22.3magnitudesLimiting magnitude in the i' filter
limitingMagnitudes_r23.1magnitudesLimiting magnitude in the r' filter
limitingMagnitudes_u22.3magnitudesLimiting magnitude in the u' filter
limitingMagnitudes_z20.8magnitudesLimiting magnitude in the z' filter
nChipsPerFilter6 Number of CCDs per Filter
nFilters5 Number of filters, their names are u', g', r', i', z'
northMajor65degMajor axis radius north area
northMinor55degMinor axis radius north area
northPA20degPosition angle of north area
refBand2 The filter used as the astrometric reference is r'
resolution2000 Resolution of the spectrograph
scanSeparation0.209774degThe separation between the N and S scanlines
siteAltitude2797mAltitude above sea level
siteLatitude32.779756degSite Geodetic NORTH latitude
siteLongitude105.819831degSite geodesic WEST longitude
specLowerLimit3900AngstromLower wavelength limit of the spectrograph
specPerPlate640 Number of spectra observed on a single plate
specUpperLimit9200AngstromUpper wavelength limit of the spectrograph
stripeSeparation2.5degThe separation of stripes
stripeWidth2.5degThe width of stripes
surveyCenterDec32.5degDec of survey center
surveyCenterRa185degRA of survey center
surveyEquinox2000ySurvey equinox
telescopeSize2.5mSize of the telescope primary mirror
tileRadius1.49degThe tile diameter for spectroscopic observations