TABLE  sppParams

Contains outputs from the Spectro Parameter Pipeline (spp).

Spectra for over 250,000 Galactic stars of all common spectral types are available with DR6. These Spectra were processed with a pipeline called the 'Spectro Parameter Pipeline' (spp) that computes standard stellar atmospheric parameters such as [Fe/H], log g and Teff for each star by a variety of methods. These outputs are stored in this table, and indexed on the 'specObjID' key index parameter for queries joining to other tables such as specobjall and photoobjall. See the Sample Queries in SkyServer for examples of such queries.

specobjidbigint8  64 bit unique spectrum id f(p,mjd,fiber)
plateint4  plate number
mjdint4  Modified Julian Date of (last) observation
fiberidint4  Fiber number (1-640) 1-320 on spec#1
fehspectypevarchar32  SEGUE or SDSS target type abbrev.
hammersptypevarchar32  Stellar Type Classification -- UW
sptypeavarchar32  Stellar Type Classification -- SSPP
flagvarchar32  SSPP flags dDEhHlnNSV, x -- not a star
fehareal4dex adopted [Fe/H] value
fehanint4  number of estimators combined into feha
fehaerrreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value, or -9.999
fehwreal4  bi-weight [Fe/H] from all avail. estimators
fehwnint4  number of estimators for fehw
fehwerrreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
fehrreal4  refined [Fe/H] from est. of [Fe/H] --U/ dex
fehrnint4  number of estimators for calculating fehr
fehrerrreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh1real4  YoungSun's Kurucz grid 2 (NGS2 grid)
feh1nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh1errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh2real4  YoungSun's Kurucz grid 1 (NGS1 grid)
feh2nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh2errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh3real4  [Fe/H] from neural network method
feh3nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh3errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh4real4  [Fe/H] from Ca II K method
feh4nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh4errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh5real4  [Fe/H] from auto-correlation method.
feh5nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh5errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh6real4  [Fe/H] from Ca II triplet method
feh6nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh6errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh7real4  [Fe/H] from Wilhelm, Beers, and Gray (1999)
feh7nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh7errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh8real4  [Fe/H] from Carlos k24 grid
feh8nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh8errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
feh9real4  [Fe/H] from Carlos ki13 grid
feh9nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
feh9errreal4  error/sigma on the [Fe/H] value
teffareal4Kelvins Adopted Teff -- weighted mean
teffanint4  number of methods averaged
teffaerrreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff1real4  Teff from H alpha line
teff1nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff1errreal4  erorr/sigma on the Teff
teff2real4  Teff from H delta line
teff2nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff2errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff3real4  Teff from Kurucz models, based on colors
teff3nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff3errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff4real4  Teff from Girardi isochrones (2004)
teff4nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff4errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff5real4  Teff from Ivezic et al. (2007) (colors)
teff5nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff5errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff6real4  Teff from YoungSun's Kurucz grid 1
teff6nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff6errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff7real4  Teff from neural network method
teff7nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff7errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff8real4  Teff from Wilhelm, Beers, and Gray (1999)
teff8nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff8errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff9real4  Teff from Carlos k24 grid
teff9nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff9errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
teff10real4  Teff from Carlos ki13 grid
teff10nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
teff10errreal4  error/sigma on the Teff
loggareal4cgs Adopted log g -- weighted mean
logganint4  number of methods used
loggaerrreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg1real4  log g from YoungSun's Kurucz grid 2 (NGS2)
logg1nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg1errreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg2real4  log g from YoungSun's Kurucz grid 1 (NGS1)
logg2nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg2errreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg3real4  log g from neural netork method
logg3nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg3errreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg4real4  log g from from Ca I (4227 A) line index
logg4nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg4errreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg5real4  log g from MgH features (around 5170 A)
logg5nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg5errreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg6real4  log g from Wilhelm, Beers, and Gray (1999)
logg6nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg6errreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg7real4  log g from Carlos k24 grid
logg7nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg7errreal4  error/sigma on log g
logg8real4  log g from Carlos ki13 grid
logg8nint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
logg8errreal4  error/sigma on log g
alphafereal4  [alpha/Fe] from YoungSun's Kurucz grid 2
alphafenint4  indicator variable, =1 ok, =0 not used
alphafeerrreal4  error/sigam in [alpha/Fe]
distVreal4kpc distance to star if star is dwarf
distTOreal4  distance to star if star is turnoff star
distIIIreal4  distance to star if star is giant
distAGBreal4  distance to star if star is on AGB
distHBreal4  distance to star if star is on HB
distCAPreal4  distance to star from Carlos model fits
unused1real4  unused
distZreal4  dist. to star in Z above Galactic plane
KPindexreal4Angstroms Ca II K line index
GPindexreal4  G band line index
unused2real4  unused
RVflagvarchar32  RV flag, if ok, it says OK
rvareal4km/s Adopted RV (usu. Elodie +7.3m km/s)
rvaerrreal4  error in RV
calcrvreal4  sspp calc. RV c=3.0e5 km/s used throughout
calcrverrreal4  error in calcrv
bsrvreal4km/s SpecBS RV
bsrverrreal4  SpecBS RV error
elodiervreal4km/s ELODIE template match RV (offset)
elodierverrreal4  ELODIE RV error
unused3real4  unused
unused4real4  unused
velgalreal4km/s v_GalStdRest v_sun= (10.1,224,6.7)
g0real4  Dereddened target psf magnitude in the g band
V0real4mag Derived V magnitude dereddened
gmr0real4  Dereddened target psf color (g-r)_0
grhbaareal4  Adopted predicted (g-r)_0 from Balmer lines
grbhareal4  predicted (g-r)_0 from H alpha
grbhdreal4  predicted (g-r)_0 from H delta
grhpreal4  predicted (g-r)_0 from half power point
BmV0real4  (B-V)_0 derived from 0.916(g-r)+0.187
BmVBalmer0real4  (B-V)_0 derived from H balmer lines
umg0real4mag Dereddened target psf color (u-g)_0
rmi0real4  Dereddened target psf color (r-i)_0
imz0real4  Dereddened target psf color (i-z)_0
uerrreal4  Error in psf magnitude u band
gerrreal4mag error in g
rerrreal4  error in r
ierrreal4  error in i
zerrreal4  error in z
ebvreal4  E(B-V) at this (l,b) from SFD98
snareal4  Avg S/N per pixel over 3950-6000 A
qualitycheckint4  Quality check
rafloat8degrees RA (J2000)
decfloat8degrees DEC (J2000)
lfloat8degrees Galactic Longitude
bfloat8degrees Galactic Latitude
chiHKreal4  chi-square/dof region of Ca H+K
chiGbandreal4  chi-square/dof region of the G band
chiMgreal4  chi-square/dof region of Mg triplet
pmepochfloat8years Proper motion epoch
pmmatchreal4  Proper motion match to USNO-B catalog 1=match
pmdeltareal4arcsec distance the star has moved
pmlreal4mas/yr propermotion in the Gal. l
pmbreal4mas/yr proper motion in the Gal. b
pmrareal4mas/yr proper motion in ra
pmdecreal4mas/yr proper motion in dec
pmraerrreal4mas/yr error in pmra
pmdecerrreal4mas/yr error in pmdec
pmsigrareal4  sigma in ra ppm
pmsigdecreal4  sigma in dec ppm
pmnfitint4  number of fits to the ppm
usnomag_ureal4  USNO-B mag of the star in derived u band
usnomag_greal4  USNO-B mag of the star in derived g band
usnomag_rreal4  USNO-B mag of the star in derived r band
usnomag_ireal4  USNO-B mag of the star in derived i band
usnomag_zreal4  USNO-B mag of the star in derived z band
pmdist20real4arcs dist to nearest star g less than 20
pmdist22real4arcs dist to nearest star g less than 22
brunint4  SDSS Run number (target version of sky)
brerunint4  SDSS Rerun number (target version of sky)
bcamcolint4  SDSS Camcol number (target version of sky)
bfieldint4  SDSS Field number (target version of sky)
bobjint4  SDSS object number (target version of sky)
zbsubclassvarchar32  specBS subclass
zbelodiesptypevarchar32  specBS ELODIE best match template
lparreal4mag Newberg-Lenz "l" color, perp. locus
sparreal4mag Ivezic (modified) s color, prn. cmp.
wparreal4mag Ivezic (modified) w color, prn. cmp.
p1sparreal4mag Ivezic color, perp to s color
zbclassvarchar32  SpecBS class
zbrchi2real4  SpecBS rchi2 reduced chi-square per dof
zbdofreal4  SpecBS dof measure for best fit template
zbvdispreal4  SpecBS Velocity dispersion (for galaxies)
zbvdisperrreal4km/s SpecBS error in Velocity disp
zbzwarningreal4  SpecBS warning flag
spec_clnint4  Spectro1d(Chicago) class 1= star, 6= redstar
sprvreal4km/s Spectro1d(Chicago) rv
sprverrreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) RV err
vel_disreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) Vel disp (for galaxies)
vel_disperrreal4km/s Spectro1d(Chicago) Vel disp error
spz_confreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redshift confidence
spz_statusint4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redshift status
spz_warningint4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redshift warning
eclassreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) galaxy Prin. comp. class
ecoeff1real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 1 (for galaxies)
ecoeff2real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 2 (for galaxies)
ecoeff3real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 3 (for galaxies)
ecoeff4real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 4 (for galaxies)
ecoeff5real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 5 (for galaxies)
inspectint4  Inspection flag (0 = not inspected yet)