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Advanced Projects

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Hubble Diagram

Retrace the steps of astronomer Edwin Hubble, who in 1929 shocked the world when he discovered that the universe was expanding.


Look up at the sky - what do you see? If you're near a city, you may see a few bright white stars. But you're not really seeing the full story of the sky - stars come in a dazzling array of colors, from bright blue to white to deep red. In this project, you'll see stars of all colors, and you'll learn what causes the color of a star.

Spectral Types

How do astronomers make sense of the millions of stars they see? In this project, you will learn by classifying the stars yourself.

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Learn how astronomers study the lives and times of stars, which live for millions or billions of years.


How do astronomers study galaxies, which can be millions or billions of light-years away - so far away that most just look like fuzzy patches of light? In the Galaxies project, you will learn by examining galaxies yourself.

Sky Surveys

Learn about how astronomers map the sky, from ancient times to today's cutting edge technology.


Learn about quasars, the most distant and mysterious objects in the universe.

Image Processing

Learn what goes in to the beautiful images you see on SkyServer. You'll never look at a picture of the sky the same way again!