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Explore Tool
Here you can access the Explore Tool of the SkyServer. It enables you to find individual objects, either based upon their object IDs, or their sky position. The page presents a concise summary of all relevant information about the object, and provides links to all the additional information, like additional observations, neighbors, fields, the spectroscopic object, spectral plates, cross-identifications in other surveys, or photometric redshifts.
Note that by default, the Explore tool only searches for PhotoObj imaging objects that are primary or secondary observations, and sciencePrimary spectra. This is also true for the positional search (RA,dec). If you want non-primary objects, you should search by objid (for photo objects) and specobjid or plate-MJD-fiber for spectro objects. Also, you can view other photo observations for a given object using the More Observations link on the Explore page, and you can view all spectra for an object using the All Spectra link. These will show you the non-primary observations as well.
We also provide links to the low-level data available as binary FITS tables. These include the corrected frames, bit-masks, binned sky, the atlas images and the spectra.
While there is no separate Help page for the Explore tool, mouse-over tool-tips now provide help for each of the items in the table of contents on the left of the Explore page.
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