TABLE  First

SDSS objects that match to FIRST objects have their match parameters stored here

deltareal4arcsecPOS_ANG_DIST_GENERALPosition difference between catalog and photo object (r' band)
matchint4 NUMBERNumber of matches to catalog within 2.0 arcsec
peakreal4mJyPHOT_FLUX_RADIOPeak first radio flux
integrreal4mJyPHOT_FLUX_RADIOIntegrated first radio flux
rmsreal4mJyPHOT_FLUX_RADIO ERRORrms error in flux
majorreal4arcsecEXTENSION_RADMajor axis (deconvolved)
minorreal4arcsecEXTENSION_SMINMinor axis (deconvolved)
pareal4degPOS_POS-ANGposition angle (east of north)
idint4 ID_CATALOGFIRST catalog id of one matching source
lambdafloat8degPOS_SDSS_LAMBDAComposite radio source survey longitude
etafloat8degPOS_SDSS_ETAComposite radio source survey latitude
objIDbigint8 ID_MAINunique id, points to photoObj