Access functions

fPhotoFlagsF Returns the PhotoFlags value corresponding to a name
fPhotoFlagsNF Returns the expanded PhotoFlags corresponding to the status value as a string

PhotoFlags Data values

CANONICAL_CENTER0x0000000000000001Measurements used the center in r*, rather than the locally determined center.
BRIGHT0x0000000000000002Object detected in first, bright object-finding; generally r*<17.5
EDGE0x0000000000000004Object is too close to edge of frame
BLENDED0x0000000000000008Object had multiple peaks detected within it; was thus a candidate to be a deblending parent.
CHILD0x0000000000000010Object is the product of an attempt to deblend a BLENDED object.
PEAKCENTER0x0000000000000020Given center is position of peak pixel, rather than based on the maximum-likelihood estimator.
NODEBLEND0x0000000000000040No deblending was attempted on this object, even though it is BLENDED.
NOPROFILE0x0000000000000080Object was too small or too close to the edge to estimate a radial profile.
NOPETRO0x0000000000000100No valid Petrosian radius was found for this object.
MANYPETRO0x0000000000000200More than one Petrosian radius was found.
NOPETRO_BIG0x0000000000000400Petrosian radius is beyond the last point in the radial profile.
DEBLEND_TOO_MANY_PEAKS0x0000000000000800There were more than 25 peaks in this object to deblend; deblended brightest 25.
COSMIC_RAY0x0000000000001000Contains a pixel interpreted to be part of a cosmic ray.
MANYR500x0000000000002000Object has more than one 50% light radius.
MANYR900x0000000000004000Object has more than one 90% light radius.
BAD_RADIAL0x0000000000008000Some of the points in the given radial profile have negative signal-to-noise ratio. Not a significant parameter.
INCOMPLETE_PROFILE0x0000000000010000Petrosian radius intersects the edge of the frame.
INTERP0x0000000000020000Object contains one or more pixels whose values were determined by interpolation.
SATURATED0x0000000000040000Object contains one or more saturated pixels
NOTCHECKED0x0000000000080000There are pixels in the object which were not checked to see if they included a local peak, such as cores of saturated stars.
SUBTRACTED0x0000000000100000This BRIGHT object had its wings subtracted from the frame
NOSTOKES0x0000000000200000Object has no measured Stokes params
BADSKY0x0000000000400000The sky level is so bad that the highest pixel in the object is very negative; far more so than a mere non-detection. No further analysis is attempted.
PETROFAINT0x0000000000800000At least one possible Petrosian radius was rejected as the surface brightness at r_P was too low. If NOPETRO is not set, a different, acceptable Petrosian radius was found.
TOO_LARGE0x0000000001000000The object is too large for us to measure its profile (it extends beyond a radius of approximately 260), or at least one child is larger than half a frame.
DEBLENDED_AS_PSF0x0000000002000000Deblender treated obj as PSF
DEBLEND_PRUNED0x0000000004000000At least one child was removed because its image was too similar to a supposedly different child.
ELLIPFAINT0x0000000008000000Object center is fainter than the isophote whose shape is desired, so the isophote properties are not measured. Also flagged if profile is incomplete.
BINNED10x0000000010000000Object was detected in 1x1 binned image
BINNED20x0000000020000000Object was detected in 2x2 binned image, after unbinned detections are replaced by background.
BINNED40x0000000040000000Object was detected in 4x4 binned image
MOVED0x0000000080000000The deblender identified this object as possibly moving.
DEBLENDED_AS_MOVING0x0000000100000000A MOVED object that the deblender treated as moving.
NODEBLEND_MOVING0x0000000200000000A MOVED object that the deblender did not treat as moving.
TOO_FEW_DETECTIONS0x0000000400000000A child of this object was not detected in enough bands to reliably deblend as moving.
BAD_MOVING_FIT0x0000000800000000Moving fit too poor to be believable.
STATIONARY0x0000001000000000This object was consistent with being stationary.
PEAKS_TOO_CLOSE0x0000002000000000At least some peaks within this object were too close to be deblended, thus they were merged into a single peak.
MEDIAN_CENTER0x0000004000000000Center given is of median-smoothed image.
LOCAL_EDGE0x0000008000000000Center in at least one band is too close to an edge.
BAD_COUNTS_ERROR0x0000010000000000An object containing interpolated pixels had too few good pixels to form a reliable estimate of its error; the quoted error may be underestimated.
BAD_MOVING_FIT_CHILD0x0000020000000000A possible moving child's velocity fit was too poor, so it was discarded and the parent was not deblended as moving.
DEBLEND_UNASSIGNED_FLUX0x0000040000000000After deblending, a significant fraction of flux was not assigned to any children.
SATUR_CENTER0x0000080000000000Object center is close to at least one saturated pixel.
INTERP_CENTER0x0000100000000000Object center is close to at least one interpolated pixel.
DEBLENDED_AT_EDGE0x0000200000000000An object close enough to the edge of the frame normally not deblended, is deblended anyway. Only set for objects large enough to be EDGE in all fields/strips.
DEBLEND_NOPEAK0x0000400000000000There was no detected peak within this child in at least one band.
PSF_FLUX_INTERP0x0000800000000000Greater than 20% of the PSF flux is from interpolated pixels.
TOO_FEW_GOOD_DETECTIONS0x0001000000000000A child of this object had too few good detections to be deblended as moving.
CENTER_OFF_AIMAGE0x0002000000000000At least one peak's center lay off of the atlas image. This can happen when the object is deblended as moving, or if the astrometry is bad.
DEBLEND_DEGENERATE0x0004000000000000Two or more candidate children were essentially identical; one one was retained.
BRIGHTEST_GALAXY_CHILD0x0008000000000000This child is the brightest family member (in this band) that is classified as a galaxy.
CANONICAL_BAND0x0010000000000000This is the 'canonical' band; r unless the object is undetected in the r filter.
AMOMENT_FAINT0x0020000000000000Object was too faint to measure weighted moments such as mE1_g; unweighted values are reported.
AMOMENT_SHIFT0x0040000000000000Centroid shift too large when measuring adaptive moments. Row/Column shifts are reported in mE1, mE2.
AMOMENT_MAXITER0x0080000000000000Maximum number of iterations exceeded measuring e.g. mE2_g; unweighted values are reported.
MAYBE_CR0x0100000000000000There is reasonable suspicion that this object is actually a cosmic ray.
MAYBE_EGHOST0x0200000000000000There is reasonable suspicion that this object is actually a ghost produced by the CCD electronics.
NOTCHECKED_CENTER0x0400000000000000The center of this object lies in a region that was not searched for objects.
OBJECT2_HAS_SATUR_DN0x0800000000000000The electrons in this saturated object's bleed trails have been included in its estimated flux.
OBJECT2_DEBLEND_PEEPHOLE0x1000000000000000Deblend was modified by the deblender's peephole optimiser.
GROWN_MERGED0x2000000000000000Growing led to a merger
HAS_CENTER0x4000000000000000Object has a canonical center
RESERVED0x8000000000000000Not used