Access functions

fPhotoStatusF Returns the PhotoStatus flag value corresponding to a name
fPhotoStatusNF Returns the string describing to the status flags in words

PhotoStatus Data values

SET0x00000001Object's status has been set in reference to its own run
GOOD0x00000002Object is good as determined by its object flags. Absence implies bad.
DUPLICATE0x00000004Object has one or more duplicate detections in an adjacent field of the same Frames Pipeline Run.
OK_RUN0x00000010Object is usable, it is located within the primary range of rows for this field.
RESOLVED0x00000020Object has been resolved against other runs.
PSEGMENT0x00000040Object Belongs to a PRIMARY segment. This does not imply that this is a primary object.
FIRST_FIELD0x00000100Object belongs to the first field in its segment. Used to distinguish objects in fields shared by two segments.
OK_SCANLINE0x00000200Object lies within valid nu range for its scanline.
OK_STRIPE0x00000400Object lies within valid eta range for its stripe.
SECONDARY0x00001000This is a secondary survey object.
PRIMARY0x00002000This is a primary survey object.
TARGET0x00004000This is a spectroscopic target.