TABLE  SpecLine

A view of SpecLines objects that have been measured

The view excludes those SpecLine objects which have category=1, thus they have not been measured. This is the view you should use to access the SpecLine data.

specLineIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGUnique identifier of the line
wavereal4AngstromSPECT_LINE_CENTLine center in lab frame
waveErrreal4AngstromSPECT_LINE_CENT ERRORError in line Center
waveMinreal4AngstromSPECT_WAVELENGTHMinimum Wavelength of line influence
waveMaxreal4AngstromSPECT_WAVELENGTHMaximum Wavelength of line influence
sigmareal4AngstromSPECT_LINE_WIDTHSigma of fitted gaussian
sigmaErrreal4AngstromSPECT_LINE_WIDTH ERRORError of sigma
sigmaMinreal4AngstromSPECT_WAVELENGTHMinimum of sigma
sigmaMaxreal4AngstromSPECT_WAVELENGTHMaximum of sigma
heightreal4 SPECT_LINE_INTENSITYHeight of gaussian
heightErrreal4 SPECT_LINE_INTENSITY ERRORError in height
continuumreal4 SPECT_CONTINUUMContinuum value at this pixel
ewreal4AngstromSPECT_EQ-WIDTHEquivalent width
ewErrreal4AngstromSPECT_EQ-WIDTH ERRORError in equivalent width
ewMinreal4AngstromSPECT_EQ-WIDTHMinimum of equivalent width
specIndexreal4 SPECT_INDEXSpectral Index
nSigmareal4 STAT_PROBABILITYSignificance of line number of sigma
chisqreal4 FIT_CHI2Chi-squared of fit
nusmallint2 STAT_N-DOFdeg of freedom
restWavereal4AngstromSPECT_LINE_CENTLine rest wavelength
lineIDLink to SpecLineNamesint4 SPECT_LINE_IDLine ID
weightreal4 WEIGHTWeight
zreal4 REDSHIFTRedshift of line
zErrreal4 REDSHIFT ERRORError in redshift
lineMaskint4 SPECT_LINELine mask
categorysmallint2 CODE_MISCCategory: Line found (1) or measured (2)
specobjIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGPointer to the specObj