TABLE  SpecObj

A view of Spectro objects that just has the clean spectra.

The view excludes QA and Sky and duplicates. Use this as the main way to access the spectro objects.

specObjIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGUnique ID
mjdint4MJDTIME_DATEMJD of observation
platesmallint2 ID_PLATEPlate ID
tilesmallint2 ID_PLATETile ID
xFocalfloat8 POS_CCD_XX Focal
yFocalfloat8 POS_CCD_YY Focal
fiberIDsmallint2 ID_FIBERFiber ID
zreal4 REDSHIFTFinal Redshift
zErrreal4 REDSHIFT ERRORRedshift error
zConfreal4 REDSHIFT STAT_PROBABILITYRedshift confidence
zStatusLink to SpecZStatussmallint2 CODE_QUALITYRedshift status
specClassLink to SpecClasssmallint2 CLASS_OBJECTSpectral Classification
zWarningLink to SpeczWarningint4 CODE_QUALITYWarning Flags
velDispreal4???VELOC_DISPVelocity Dispersion
velDispErrreal4 VELOC_DISP ERRORVelocity Dispersion error
eCoeff_0real4 FIT_PARAMExpansion Coeff for Galaxies
eCoeff_1real4 FIT_PARAMExpansion Coeff for Galaxies
eCoeff_2real4 FIT_PARAMExpansion Coeff for Galaxies
eCoeff_3real4 FIT_PARAMExpansion Coeff for Galaxies
eCoeff_4real4 FIT_PARAMExpansion Coeff for Galaxies
eClassreal4 CLASS_OBJECTClassification
nGoodint4pixNUMBERGood Pixels
sn_0real4 INST_S/NMedian S/N in g'
sn_1real4 INST_S/NMedian S/N in r'
sn_2real4 INST_S/NMedian S/N in i'
mag_0real4magPHOT_SDSS_GSynthetic Magnitude in g'
mag_1real4magPHOT_SDSS_RSynthetic Magnitude in r'
mag_2real4magPHOT_SDSS_ISynthetic Magnitude in i'
rafloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINra in J2000
decfloat8degPOS_EQ_DEC_MAINdec in J2000
cxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_X?x of Normal unit vector in J2000
cyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Y?y of Normal unit vector in J2000
czfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Z?z of Normal unit vector in J2000
htmIDbigint8 CODE_HTM20 deep Hierarchical Triangular Mesh ID
fiberMag_ureal4luptitudesPHOT_SDSS_UFiber Magnitudes
fiberMag_greal4luptitudesPHOT_SDSS_GFiber Magnitudes
fiberMag_rreal4luptitudesPHOT_SDSS_RFiber Magnitudes
fiberMag_ireal4luptitudesPHOT_SDSS_IFiber Magnitudes
fiberMag_zreal4luptitudesPHOT_SDSS_ZFiber Magnitudes
primTargetLink to PrimTargetint4 CODE_MISCSpecifies which primary target catagories the object was selected in.
secTargetLink to SecTargetint4 CODE_MISCSpecifies which secondary target catagories the object was selected in.
seguePrimTargetLink to PrimTargetint4 CODE_MISCSpecifies which SEGUE primary target catagories the object was selected in.
segueSecTargetLink to SecTargetint4 CODE_MISCSpecifies which SEGUE secondary target catagories the object was selected in.
otherPrimTargetLink to PrimTargetint4 CODE_MISCSpecifies which other program primary target catagories the object was selected in.
otherSecTargetLink to SecTargetint4 CODE_MISCSpecifies which other program secondary target catagories the object was selected in.
sci_snreal4 CODE_MISCScience signal to noise ratio
smear_snreal4 CODE_MISCSmear signal to noise ratio
sm_leg_0real4 CODE_MISC1st legendre coeff. for smear correct
sm_leg_1real4 CODE_MISC2nd legendre coeff. for smear correct
sm_leg_2real4 CODE_MISC3rd legendre coeff. for smear correct
sciencePrimarysmallint2 CODE_MISCDeemed to be science-worthy (defines default view SpecObj)
loadVersionint4 ID_TRACERLoad Version
plateIDbigint8 ID_PLATELink to plate on which the spectrum was taken
spectrographIDsmallint2 INST_IDwhich spectrograph (1,2)
throughputint4???NUMBERfiber throughput as measured by mapper
objTypeLink to ObjTypeint4 CLASS_OBJECTobject type (plPlugMap style)
objTypeNameLink to ObjTypevarchar32 CLASS_OBJECTObject Type as string
targetIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGID of Target
targetObjIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGID of target PhotoObj
bestObjIDbigint8 ID_MAINID of best PhotoObj
imgimage16 SPECTGIF image of the spectrum