Contains data from a given plate used for spectroscopic observations.

Each plate has 640 observed spectra.

plateIDbigint8 ID_PLATEUnique ID, composite of plate number and MJD
spRerunint4 CODE_MISCSpectro rerun
mjdint4MJDTIME_DATEMJD of observation
platesmallint2 ID_PLATEPlate ID
tilesmallint2 ID_PLATETile ID
nExpsmallint2 NUMBERNumber of exposures
raBoresightfloat8degPOS_EQ_RARA of telescope boresight
decBoresightfloat8degPOS_EQ_DECDEC of telescope boresight
taiHMSvarchar64 TIME_DATEHMS
expTimereal4secTIME_EXPTIMETotal Exposure time
expTimeB1real4secTIME_EXPTIMEexposure time in B1 spectrograph
expTimeB2real4secTIME_EXPTIMEexposure time in B2 spectrograph
expTimeR1real4secTIME_EXPTIMEexposure time in R1 spectrograph
expTimeR2real4secTIME_EXPTIMEexposure time in R2 spectrograph
helioRVreal4km/sVELOC_CORR VELOC_HCHeliocentric velocity correction
cxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Xx of Normal unit vector in J2000
cyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Yy of Normal unit vector in J2000
czfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Zz of Normal unit vector in J2000
htmIDbigint8 CODE_HTM20 deep Hierarchical Triangular Mesh ID
sn1_0real4 INST_S/N(S/N)^2 1st Spectrograph, g band
sn1_1real4 INST_S/N(S/N)^2 1st Spectrograph, r band
sn1_2real4 INST_S/N(S/N)^2 1st Spectrograph, i band
sn2_0real4 INST_S/N(S/N)^2 2nd Spectrograph, g band
sn2_1real4 INST_S/N(S/N)^2 2nd Spectrograph, r band
sn2_2real4 INST_S/N(S/N)^2 2nd Spectrograph, i band
dateObsvarchar12 TIME_DATEDate of 1st row
timeSysvarchar8 TIMETime System
qualityvarchar12 CODE_QUALITYQuality of night/image
namevarchar32 ID_CATALOGName of target; PlateId-MJD-Mapper ReRun
programvarchar16 ID_VOLUMEID of CCD Program
versionvarchar64 ID_VERSIONIOP Version
observervarchar64 ID_HUMANObserver name
camVervarchar64 ID_VERSIONCamera code version
spec2DVervarchar64 ID_VERSIONIDL Spec2D version
utilsVervarchar64 ID_VERSIONIDL Utils version
spec1DVervarchar64 ID_VERSIONSpec1D version
readVervarchar64 ID_VERSION???
combVervarchar64 ID_VERSION???
extinction_ureal4magPHOT_EXTINCTIONaverage extinction (u) across the Tile
extinction_greal4luptitudesPHOT_EXTINCTIONaverage extinction (g) across the Tile
extinction_rreal4luptitudesPHOT_EXTINCTIONaverage extinction (r) across the Tile
extinction_ireal4luptitudesPHOT_EXTINCTIONaverage extinction (i) across the Tile
extinction_zreal4luptitudesPHOT_EXTINCTIONaverage extinction (z) across the Tile
rOffset1real4 CODE_MISCMean r-band mag difference (spectro - photo)
rSigma1real4 CODE_MISCStddev of r-band mag difference (spectro - photo)
grOff1real4 CODE_MISCMean (g-r) color difference (spectro - photo)
grSigma1real4 CODE_MISCStddev of (g-r) color difference (spectro - photo)
rOffset2real4 CODE_MISCMean r-band mag difference (spectro - photo)
rSigma2real4 CODE_MISCStddev of r-band mag difference (spectro - photo)
grOff2real4 CODE_MISCMean (g-r) color difference (spectro - photo)
grSigma2real4 CODE_MISCStddev of (g-r) color difference (spectro - photo)
sfd_usedtinyint1 CODE_MISCSFD dust maps used?
xygrSig1real4 CODE_MISCSigma of (g-r) offsets as a fcn of plate x/y
xygrSig2real4 CODE_MISCSigma of (g-r) offsets as a fcn of plate x/y
mpgrSig1real4 CODE_MISCSigma of (g-r)_model - (g-r)_photo Spec 1
mpgrSig2real4 CODE_MISCSigma of (g-r)_model - (g-r)_photo Spec 2
mpgrOff1real4 CODE_MISCMean of (g-r)_model - (g-r)_photo of Spec 1
mpgrOff2real4 CODE_MISCMean of (g-r)_model - (g-r)_photo of Spec 2
isPrimarytinyint1 CODE_MISCis this PlateX a primary observation of the plate
cartridgeIDsmallint2 INST_IDID of cartridge used for the observation
plateVersionvarchar32 ID_VERSIONversion of plate software
haMinreal4degPOS_EQ_RAmin hour angle design
haMaxreal4degPOS_EQ_DECmax hour angle design
mjdDesignint4 MJDMJD designed for
thetareal4 POS_POS-ANGcartridge position angle
fscanVersionvarchar32 ID_VERSIONversion of fiber scanning software
fmapVersionvarchar32 ID_VERSIONversion of fiber mapping software
fscanModevarchar32 CODE_MISC'slow', 'fast', or 'extreme'
fscanSpeedint4 NUMBERspeed of scan
programTypeLink to ProgramTypeint4 OBS__TYPEspectroscopic program type
programNamevarchar32 OBS_IDcharacter string of program (from plate inventory db)
loadVersionint4 ID_VERSIONLoad Version
expIDvarbinary1000 ID_VERSIONExposure ID array